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About Us

A tid bit about me: I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. Yes, that valley. My love for strip malls and Taco Bell is only second to playing dodgeball and dancing to 80's music. I love going to see musicals/plays/movies/any documentary type films--heck I'd even watch the making of bread if it was in a documentary form.


I'm married to a wonderful man named Gabriel and have 2 wonderful children named Gigi and Aiden. I reside in Walnut, CA and feel so blessed to live in an area that has great weather.


I can't begin without saying how very blessed I feel by God to be able to do what I do. I feel that because of him, I am where I am as he has continously illuminated the path that I walk on today =D


I received my bachleor's degree from Loyola Marymount and convinced that I wasn't done with school, went on to get my MA from Azusa Pacific as well as an MS from Cal State Fullerton. As soon as I graduated with my bachleor's degree, I began to teach and really found that I loved working with middle school students.


My desire to be creative and my love for photography has always been something I wanted to explore. I wasn't willing to give up either career and decided I would take the plunge, or in other words a huge leap of faith. I kept teling myself: "In 20 years what would you say to your young self? The answer was always the same: "That the time would pass either way, whether I did something or not. It could either be filled with things I was passionate about or it could be filled with some regret."

So in 2008 I began to take pictures. Many pictures. Pictures for the sake of taking pictures. I took photography classes and workshops. I practiced. I clicked and clicked away. I wanted to get better. I took pictures of anyone that would let me. It was this desire to create pictures that would bring people as much joy--even years later--that kept me practicing my craft. And there you have it. My story. Which is a great segway into what my photography means to me and what my vision is. And for that you'll have to go on to the next paragraph.


It's my desire is to take luminous, moving, and editorial looking photographs that capture the light, spirit, and emotion within.

I am also a natural light photgrapher...I just love shooting this way. I love taking those itty-bitty precious moments and capturing them on film--those moments where you thought I wasn't looking.


Life, love, and happiness. That is what I want to capture. Every. Single. Time.

Photograph by Jon Cu