About Us

Welcome! My name is Lucy Munoz. I am married to Gabriel Munoz, an amazing and supportive husband. We are blessed with two wonderful kids named Giselle and Aiden. They keep me on my toes, create the best stories for me to blog about, and appreciate my home cooked meals. And here's the thing..I'm in love with photography!

I love all types of photography and the truth is I have always said if I'm not creating something with my hands I become restless.  I love photographing your lives, your experience, and your truth.

And there's always the question I get: How did you get into photography? I started taking photography classes in 2009 because I wanted to get better at taking my own family pictures. I had no idea that what I started as a hobby would then continue as a way to express how I see moments that I myself would want captured and framed on my walls. To say that I feel privileged to capture your moments is an understatement. I can only hope that the beauty that I see through my lens is exactly the way you remembered it happening. Since "About Me" pages can get a little stale I've included 10 things that you might not know about me just by looking at my picture (wink, wink).  It took me a while to figure this list out because I hadn't ever really thought about what I wanted to share. So here goes (bear with me):
1. I like liver (True. So true)
2. I wear sunscreen every day (even when it is raining, hailing, and gloomy)
3. I can't sleep without socks
4. At any given moment I will bolt out singing (as if in a musical) while I am answering my kids or husband's questions (sometimes they join in and sometimes I get kicked out of rooms)
5.  I'm allergic to alcohol
6. I love reality TV

7. In my spare time I like to write
8. I love 80's music
9. I constantly lose things
10. I love ice cream trucks (where have they all gone?)