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Tuesday, December 27, 2016
By Lucy Munoz Photography
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We are so excited to be featured today on Style Me pretty! I can't say enough about Kristen and Tyler--I love them dearly! Here is the proposal in Kristen's own words


The Proposal

Day One /Dawn shoot:

Tyler and I met with Lucy at Santa Margarita Ranch for our first session of the weekend. It was dusk and the sunlight hitting the hill couldn’t have been more dreamy and perfect. The sunset really illuminated the space, expressing the warmth Tyler and I felt cozying up in each other’s arms. I was definitely under the impression this was just another style shoot. Little did I know Tyler had already called Lucy that morning letting her in on the secret engagement ring he’s been holding onto. He had been waiting for the perfect time to propose and he knew this weekend was it. Lucy and Tyler came up with a game plan. When Tyler would say, “this is the perfect spot” she would know the moment was here.


Day two/ the big moment:

At the peek of dawn the following day we arrived to Montana De Oro in San Luis Obispo. We explored the beach and shot in multiple spaces. Lastly, we stopped to take pictures alongside a cliff that overlooked the Pacific Ocean. Tyler said, “wow, this is just the perfect spot.” Our photographer, Lucy suggested we take a few individual shots in this spot. I was up first to shoot solo (so I thought). She told me to look over the water, so I took her direction and turned away from them. As she stepped a few yards back she was saying “Perfect, don’t move, perfect!”  Little did I know Tyler was getting into position on one knee right behind me. I remember feeling the cold air on my cheeks, hearing the seagulls’ sing and the waves crashing against the rocks below us. I then heard Tyler whisper, “Honey”... I ignored him. I was trying to abide by the direction Lucy gave me, not to move. He then repeated himself once more, “Honey,” he insisted a turn. I thought why is he interrupting my photo? I finally turned to find him down on one knee…I gasped and it took me a second for reality to sink in.


He smiled and said how much he loved me. I remember instant tears streaming down my face while he asked, “will you marry me?” I was so choked up it took me three yes’s before it came out clearly. The moment was so special, authentic, and raw, a mix of playful moments and loving embraces and kisses. He kissed my ring finger and jokingly said “you’re mine now!” We laughed, and kissed some more, he then wrapped me in his arms tightly and I remember not wanting to let go of him. I was so happy!  


I still can’t believe that the overwhelming joy we experienced was documented for us to look back at and cherish forever! We were blessed and at peace in that special moment.  

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