Malibu Engagement Photographer: Jacob and Sofi
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Sunday, October 16, 2016
By Lucy Munoz Photography
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This Malibu engagement was a dream to photograph. We went to a special out of the way spot that Jacob knew (since he had grown up in Malibu). If you'd ask me how to get there, I wouldn't have the slightest clue. I'm so glad we ended up there because the beach was empty and it felt like we were on a deserted island.

Jacob met Sofi in Hawaii while he was going to school there. He said he knew he fell in love with her because one day she was sick and all he wanted to do was stay home and take care of her (I know ladies, he's a total keeper).

Toward the end of the engagement session we climbed the stairs to this beautiful spot that overlooks the ocean. Not so long ago Jacob asked Sofi to marry him right at that particular spot. After we were done shooting they sat down and just took it all in. I mean, this beautiful journey began right at that spot and here they were now looking at all the marvelous things that had let them right to this moment. 

Jacob and Sofi, as I write this right now I know you're traveling the world. I hope that whenever you look out to the ocean you remember that particular moment. Just the two of you alone holding hands navigating this crazy world together. 

xo, lucy


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